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Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation, not well known to the general public, conceals an essential activity that guarantees the safety of products for the safety of people and goods.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of inspections are carried out on airplanes, trains, bridges, nuclear power plants, refineries, foundries, boilermaking and automotive equipment components.

Specialized NDT engineers, technicians and operators use a set of methods to detect internal or surface anomalies and to prevent failures on materials or industrial installations.

To cope with the strong increase of activities in the sectors such as energy and aeronautics, but also to offset the wave of retirement, future, companies will have to call on new skills.

However, they find it difficult to hire due to lack of qualified staff.

In a common will of COFREND and its members, with the support of the regional organizations and institutions, the open day will offer the students and people looking for a job, the opportunity to discover and understand the environment of the NDT and his trades.

Participants will also learn about the possibilities of existing training, both initial and professional.

Divided between conference-table and demonstrations of methods this Opên day will offer privileged moments of exchanges between students, professionals, experts and industrialists.



Gilles CORNELOUP (Aix – Marseille university)
Cécile GUEUDRE (Aix – Marseille university)
Christian VENTURE (SGS)
Jonathan KROENER (Rohmann)

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